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I\'m finishing at 9:30 so that will probably be too late for you.

Trance Fridays #10 Tiesto feat BT - love comes again

at 0:00 - 25th, September 2009
wow, we made it to #10! big deal for me and i've kinda taken up the practice of taking down the names and tracks of music i hear and that i like. i've also learnt that i'm more of a progressive trance guy.

bt is considered the father of trance. a student at the burkley school of music, he started playing around with music and released his first cd in the 90's. it made it across the atlantic with Sasha and paul oakenfold and became incredibly popular. he never even knew how popular his music was until sasha bought him a ticket to london and took him to one of his gigs at a club. the crowd went crazy when BT's
song came on.
his style of music is to take one sound, from an instrument or electronic and repeat it to a beat. doesn't sound like much but when you actually hear it you'll understand what i mean. a good example is
in the video below.

BT can be considered the father/grandfather of trance, but tiesto is considered by many to be the God of trance, personally i don't agree, i'm more of an armin van buuren fan, but tiesto's music
does actually get to you. i'll post more tiesto later on trance fridays, but for the 10th post i thought it should be big, so who's bigger than the father and god of trance?

this video is the official video, an odd thing about tiesto is he actually produces music videos, unlike a lot of the other dj's who can't afford it. so his stuff is relatively easy to find, though music videos in general make little to no sense to me, the idea of a trance video seems a little ridiculous to me. anyway...

i bring you love comes again originally by tiesto featuring BT

• Alex


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