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How long does storm season usually last?

Thoughts about some players after the ottawa game

at 10:13 - 19th, September 2009
i'll start with Eric Neilson
wow, 2 fights, which he won, and a big hit on some ottawa player. looked like he gave everything during the game and he is definitely a replacement for laraque who always seems to be injured or have a reason for not playing.

Glen Metropolit
the more i see of metropolit the more i like him. he's a skater, a puck handler, a passer and a shooter. i just wish he was a scorer as well. oh and he can hit too.

Tomas Plekanec
i think he's really going to pick up the slack left open by the guys who weren't brought back this season, kovy koivu and higgins. he's a skater, he was flying last night and made 2 great plays that i can remember, and he can score, just not very much. and like metropolit he was one of the few last season during the playoffs who seemed to care.

Brian Gionta
God he's tiny.

Curtis Sanford
didn't see much of what he can do but he gives the sense that he could be a good back up goalie.

also what do people think about this. a brief description. dion phaneuf (calgary red) checks kyle okposo(islanders white) in a mid ice collision that knocks okposo out(mild concussion). Morency (islanders white) jumps off the bench to get phaneuf for the hit.

in my opinion, the hit was clean, okposo had his head down from chasing the puck and from a minor collision with a calgary player before being hit by phaneuf. so maybe a roughing call but no suspension or anything. this might be complicated because phaneuf is known for hitting hard like this.

morency is suspended without an amount of time for jumping off the bench when he wasn't supposed to be on the ice. it was his first game in the nhl and it could be his last. the nhl will decide on what disciplinary actions to take on the matter later on.

i think he should be allowed to play again, he's young, was his first game, was a huge hit with big concequences.

• Alex


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Schu Schu
News comment 1 | User comment 370 | 11:49 - 19th, Sep 2009

Neilson used to be the big brother/body guard of Sidney Crosby in their Q days. His father is ready to throw a party with free beer if Neilson ever gets called up to play a real game XD He also looks like Adam Burish so <3

Someone noticed if you anagram Brian Gionta you get "I Born A Giant". He's pretty fearless. And he just loves buzzing around like a mini destroyer. He also loves annoying Chara. But my comedy moment of the night was Hal Gill patting Gionta on the head after the goal. You can stand two Giontas on top of one another, and you'd get Hal Gill. Also the laugh everyone had when he missed the empty netter, but gotta love that determination to get the puck down there despite being against the Sens' only line.

Sanford needs rebound control. He's a puck deflector, though could just be rusty... It's tough being Luongo's backup =p But I wouldn't be scared if he had to fill in a few games. Unlike Denis #_#

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 12:05 - 19th, Sep 2009

As for Mr. Sloppy Seconds there...if that were the 80s (or before) the whole Isles bench would have jumped the ice. I give props to Morency for doing it. (He's the son of formers Expos announcer/exec lol). Phaneuf is a caveman, and wtf it's preseason! He's not a rookie looking to make an impression either. I guess the problem people have with it is he's got nothing to prove, he's been playing in the league long enough, and if he were actually a defenseman he could have probably taken care of Okposo without trying to destroy his life. But the truth is he's just a bad power forward masquerading as a defenseman who really doesn't know how to hit people without attempting to kill them, and acts dead when he gets hit. Besides, looks like Okposo was pretty much being taken care of anyway. It's like when Kopecy brained Carle last year on a routine dump in: totally unnecessary.

I'd say a suspension for intent to injure. I mean c'mon. They suspended Pleky for "slewfooting" an Oiler in what was a collision tangle between two players going for the puck along the boards, or TK for showing how fragile Van Ryn was (guy could never take a hit). Making up the rules as they go, that's the New NHL.

Schu Schu
News comment 3 | User comment 370 | 12:05 - 19th, Sep 2009

Oh yea, tonight, apparently, Stewart and Neilson will be on the same line. I hereby call it: the Punch Line.

Schu Schu
News comment 4 | User comment 370 | 12:08 - 19th, Sep 2009


(If you watch it in slow mo, Ruutu actually tripped Phaneuf like a ninja. Heeheehee)

Alex Alex
News comment 5 | User comment 4968 | 15:34 - 19th, Sep 2009

lol, that was great
even surprised the announcer

Alex Alex
News comment 6 | User comment 4968 | 21:28 - 19th, Sep 2009

ugh bad game, i wish i could of seen it

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