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Yeah, shouldn\'t be a problem. Does it use voice chat?

GSM Hack Coming Soon

at 10:55 - 4th, September 2009
Js is going to love this one the little Telus bitch... :P

got this from Xplorer this morning, don't think you would of heard about it on the news. we'll see though.
GSM phone encryption vulnerable to hacking: If you are using a GSM phone (AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S.), you likely have a few more months before it will be easy for practically anyone to spy on your communications. An open-source, distributed computing project launched in August is designed to crack the encryption used on GSM phones and compile it into a code book that can be used to decode conversations and any data that gets sent to and from the phone.

Who is at risk: Any individual or company using GSM-based cellular phones anywhere in the world.

Why you care:There is not much gray area here: if you have a GSM phone and your provider does not update the encryption scheme in it within 45-90 days, you are vulnerable. This will hit government and Fortune 500 businesses the hardest as they are the biggest targets, have the biggest staffs of potentially vulnerable users, and (due to the cost of entry to acquire the equipment to perform this hack) would reap the most rewards for an adversary.

What you can do about it: Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do about this issue. Limit what is discussed in cellular calls by policy and train your staff to begin using better Operational Security (OPSEC) practices. Contact your cellular provider and begin demanding that they improve the security immediately. If you are not using email encryption already (such as PGP or similar products), begin using it to share data between mobile users and talk around subjects on calls reviewing this data in a manner that obscures key information or details.

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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1051 | 17:34 - 5th, Sep 2009

Hope that doesn't carry over to HSPA since Telus is setting up a new network.

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