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i like that music game

Games Update: Lost in Blue Wii

at 14:14 - 11th, August 2009
It's been relatively quiet on the gaming news front. at least with news that i've found post worthy.
so i decided that it's time to make a local gaming news post instead. something like an update on whats been going on with me.

a couple months back i went on an ebay wii games buying spree. i got brothers in arms, resident evil 4 and even lost in blue. the only one i really played was lost in blue, i just didn't have the time to play anything else because of work following me home.

lost in blue wiilost in blue starts off fun, if you over look some of the minor problems, like the low production quality and bad voice acting. the gameplay is in itself quite addictive at first, even for someone who hates collecting type games (pokemon and the like).

i found the game had character, even with its flaws and kept playing. though the more i played the more monotonous it got. wake up, cook, prepare a lunch/dinner, go explore or look for a specific thing i need to finish building the hardware i want to build, walk home very slowly because of how tired my characters are, cook again if theres time and maybe try making the hardware i want before going to bed and repeating the next day.

things like building a house kept me coming back but once that was finished i really had no will to try and beat the game. the idea of playing the silly mini games to do every day things just seemed to kill any idea of fun i might have.

i might pick up the game again a little later when i have the time but right now the idea isn't appealing at all.

recently i've been on a little buying spree. i was able to pick up the conduit, little king story and deadly creatures for myself and puzzle kingdoms and overlord for vikie.

the conduitdeadly creatures looks fantastic and i'll definitely get to it later. the conduit was great, with a huge and obvious cliff hanger at the end that makes me want a second one and little king story is adorable and still mature enough to keep the hard core pleasantly surprised. it's a mix between an rts and pikmin. js picked it up on sunday as well. i look forward to playing it and ration myself as i don't want to go through it too quickly.

i also plan on picking up wii motion plus when i have a chance. i agree that it's something that should have been in the original wiimote but it's not and it adds so much to the control scheme. wii sports resort has a flying sim where you fly around the island looking at different things while controlling your plane as if your holding a paper airplane. that sold me, not the sword fighting, not the frisbee, the air sim sold me.

little king story

time for a new pilot wings dammit!

• Alex


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Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4968 | 14:28 - 11th, Aug 2009

oh, another thing is i haven't had any time for my ds. the metro ride is too short now...

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