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Yeah we would all play WoD for 4 hours and have a group suicide after our session lol I so do not need a massive world of everyone saying how Life is so Hollow LOL

Garda World Global Xplorer

at 10:26 - 6th, August 2009
through work at garda i've come across a lot of interesting things, info wise.
one is a tool we have here that is currently free and i highly suggest anyone who likes to read the news to sign up for.

GW Global x-plorer daily news

what it does it: we have a staff that goes through the news and picks out the important travel info or the important war/world news and puts into semi point form. it short, sweet and just enough so that you can read it on your way to work or take 2 minutes and your caught up in major news from around the world.

mostly it's conflict news, because that is what affects people's travel. but i'm sure if there's a natural disaster or riots or god knows what else that'll end up in there too.

i've signed up and read it every morning. i highly recommend it.

• Alex


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