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This guide also works for 10.7.5(also macbook pro 8.1) Also, I had 2 things different than the guide when working with 2 different computers... When changing the bootcamp program\'s allowed usb thing, mine was not spelle

OneChip: Daft Punk remixes for oldschool game systems

at 18:27 - 16th, July 2009
This is so cool. people have taken the original tracks from daftpunk's discovery album and redone them with an 8 or 16 bit sound processor.

let me rephrase that, they made the music using the same sound processor from an 8 or 16 bit console.
very cool stuff.
here's some videos of some of the guys doing it at parties.

Microchip @ Juicestock 01/02/09 from Kezzie Beat.

JDDJ3J Live @ Nuziq fest 2008 from Jedeviensdj entroisjours

and the main site with the full music for free

• Alex


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