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Fake abortion clinics

at 22:30 - 26th, May 2009
I was watching law & order SVU with vikie tonight, the story was about this girl who was going to have an abortion but the clinic said she couldn't because she had a fever (dangerous when having an abortion i guess), then when she called to reschedule every day for 2 weeks after that but they kept delaying until it was too late and she couldn't have the abortion anymore. turns out the abortion clinic was an anti-abortion clinic posing as an abortion clinic and they were just playing her.

so i did a little research and came across this site. it's not official but it's pretty messed up.

In small and large towns throughout the United States (and all over the Internet), anti-abortion groups have set up "crisis pregnancy centers" or "pregnancy counseling centers" or "pregnancy help centers." They are often located near high schools. These centers follow a format suggested by the Pearson Foundation that is deliberately designed to misinform and mislead young women.

Going by the names, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Pregnancy Aid, Birth Right, Open Door, or Pregnancy Counseling Center, these groups want to be the first contact a woman makes when she thinks she might be pregnant, so they can talk her out of considering abortion.

Anti-abortion pregnancy centers are listed in the yellow pages under "abortion alternatives." They do NOT provide abortion. Many offer free pregnancy tests or pregnancy counseling as a means to lure you in. On the Internet they also use deceptive names like, and

Nearly all of these centers are operated by churches or religious organizations. They refer to themselves as a "ministry" to save women's souls.

go to and you get something like this
This Site is dedicated to all the women that were told they had a choice,
but never had it explained to them that there is more than one.

if you didn't know it'd be a pretty scary thing to read if you're pregnant and are looking for help.

i bring this up because being prochoice, i find this really bad. it's one thing to be up front with giving options, telling people what the facts are, it's an entirely different thing to be sneaky about it.

i am surprised though, that it took anti abortion people so long to think of this.

• Alex


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Curt Curt
News comment 1 | User comment 281 | 10:11 - 27th, May 2009

They've got one of these things in the documentary Jesus Camp. It's right beside an actual abortion clinic, and actually looks like a clinic inside. Of course, they were a bit more overt in their purpose, and they didn't really pretend to be an abortion clinic, but it was creepy and misleading just the same.

So much for peace, love, and understanding from these people, eh?

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4954 | 10:37 - 27th, May 2009

i still have to watch the full video.
i tried before but couldn't get through it all, very frustrating

Curt Curt
News comment 3 | User comment 281 | 14:02 - 27th, May 2009

Yeah, it's kinda like a horror movie but without any relief or humour.

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