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I have trouble programming without this stuff

Pixel Qi Promises Cheap, Readable, Low-Power Displays

at 10:22 - 22nd, May 2009


This seems pretty interesting, in a few months, Pixel Qi will have a sample for a an LCD screen that will have a low power ultra readable mode. So it would function as a regular bright LCD and also be able to function at a mode similar to E-ink screen with motion and color. It's also suppose to be pretty inexpensive since it uses regular LCD manufacturing processes. If this is true, I would definately get one.

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js js
News comment 1 | User comment 1033 | 10:26 - 22nd, May 2009

Forgot to put the link to the story, but the site won't let me edit the article

Pixel Qi promises cheap ultra readable LCD (Wired)

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4910 | 10:29 - 22nd, May 2009

yea, need to fix that, i fixed your image size too, styled it a bit.

and then they started putting it in laptops, tvs and god knows what else
i wonder how much this would affect the price of electronics

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