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I\'m guessing the timeline for that wasn\'t given

Tropico 3 coming westward

at 11:58 - 14th, May 2009

tropico 3

PC gamers can return to the islands this fall, as Kalypso Media announces Tropico 3 for North American release this September.

The third title in the popular Tropico series of island management sims once again places players in the role of "El Presidente", the ruler of an island in the Caribbean during the Cold War era. The game centers around developing your island nation, keeping the citizens happy while juggling the various political factions trying to win your influence.

It sounds very much like a remake of the original Tropico by Bulgarian developer Haemimont Games, rather than the full sequel delivered by Frog City Software, the developer of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove. If it manages to carry over the tongue-in-cheek humor from the original title as well as the themes, characters, and settings, it could very well be worth strategy gamers' whiles to plan for an island vacation this fall.

looks impressive, a little too realistic for my liking but i'll probably get it.

• Alex


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