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There are alot of good points. I for one don't see much point to playing online against people I don't know, especialy where there's alot of verbal abuse. Another good point for the wii, if i get a girlfriend she probably won't disaprove as much of

EA to bundle wii motion plus with Tiger Woods game for wii

at 11:47 - 21st, April 2009
motionplusnot in a million years did i ever expect this to happen. a third party company getting a bundle with a nintendo peripheral.


EA addresses to issue of Nintendo not having a first-party game ready for their Wii MotionPlus controller add-on by bundling their own games with the device.

EA has announced that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 and EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii would be bundled with Nintendo's Wii remote fixing device upon launch in the UK. In North America, only Tiger Woods is getting the bundle treatment. With the UK versions of the two games jumping from £29.99 to £49.99 when sold in bundled form, we can most likely expect a slightly higher price point in North America as well.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 is due out in North America on June 16th.

• Alex


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