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too long, did not listen lol

Wiiware has major set back for devs

at 11:40 - 15th, April 2009
wii ware logoThis is absolutely retarded if it's true. is reporting
Multiple sources have indicated to Gamasutra that there is a minimum amount of sales, on a per-territory basis, that WiiWare developers must reach in order to recoup any money at all for their games.

It is believed that this sales number is set in the mid-four figure range for North America, and lower four figures for individual European territories.

Until a WiiWare title sells over that number, nothing will be paid out -- although when the threshold is made, the full royalty amount is given to the developer, taking into account the amount of copies sold at that figure.

this makes sense with the amount of shovelware on the wii. with storage isues and no demoes on wiiware it's a very mixed bag. people, myself included, aren't willing to buy random stuff without knowing at least a bit about it first, and devs not willing to produce things because they might not think they'll get paid.

how many wiiware titles do you own? and not VC.

• Alex


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Curt Curt
News comment 1 | User comment 281 | 13:58 - 15th, Apr 2009

3 (Lost Winds, My Life as a King, and Gradius Rebirth). It's like you said, unless I'm absolutely certain I want something, I'm not going to buy it. This is what's so great about Xbox Live. It's mandatory for Live Arcade games to have demos.

Alex Alex
News comment 2 | User comment 4957 | 14:01 - 15th, Apr 2009

i still don't understand why wiiware doesn't have demos, just doesn't make sense to me. the storage space issue certainly isn't fixed but by no means is it something that would stop demos from being allowed

Curt Curt
News comment 3 | User comment 281 | 14:20 - 15th, Apr 2009

It may not be as good as what the Xbox and PS3 have for storage, but what they've got is worlds better now. I put all my VC games on my SD card and now I've got plenty of room (both on and off the card). Running stuff from the card is quick (though it does have to do an operation before it starts) and painless. I think it wouldn't be too hard if they added demos. Of course, the speed of the store and the navigation of it is still pretty bad compared to the marketplace on the Xbox, so they'd have to fix that too.

Alex Alex
News comment 4 | User comment 4957 | 14:26 - 15th, Apr 2009

speed isn't really an issue unless we're talking download speed and network infrastructure. i have really good days and then really bad days with them. i would imagine that demoes would bog down the system a lot. i have no idea how they're going to bring videos on demand to the wii. makes no sense to me.

sd is plenty fast enough to load the relatively light weight wiiware and demos.

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