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I have about 20 characters across two servers, but I primarily only play about 4 of them with any sort of regularity: Human warrior (72), human priest (71), draenei mage (73), tauren shaman (33). I like to change it up and play other characters somet

Tortimer Wants your kids naked pictures!

at 21:16 - 17th, March 2009

but on a more serious note, carl keep lucas away from tortimer!

ridiculous, i wish more people would do a little more research before releasing things like this...

• Alex


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poor kid :(
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vikie vikie
News comment 1 | User comment 384 | 17:31 - 18th, Mar 2009

So adult have no reason to play animal crossing... hehehe i am a child molestor. Sorry deb,didnt want to tell you ;)

Cliff Cliff
News comment 2 | User comment 176 | 23:25 - 18th, Mar 2009

He'll never get them, no matter how much he says he loves me!

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