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Carbonneau Fired

at 12:08 - 10th, March 2009

I have to do this.
just finished having a discussion with a colleague at work about Carbonneau getting fired for the current Canadiens woes. we both agree that this is a mistake, i'm a little more leaning to a justifiable mistake, while she thinks it's flat out wrong.
Carbonneau is the coach and a lot of the responsibility of the team, on and off the ice, should fall on his shoulders. a lot, not all.

here's my thoughts on how it should of gone down.
Price: keep him but give him such a kick in the ass that his face falls off. stop the partying, stop the 'under age girls' (<- 3rd hand rumor, can't find anything about it but there have been complaints about his partying nonetheless). the rumor is that the canadiens (why the canadiens?) are being sued by the parents of some of these girls that carey price has been sleeping/fooling around with. when they benched him he went to bc to be with his dad who supposedly had quite a word with the young goalie. at any rate, i've seen price do great things, and he just needs a major kick in the ass in my opinion.

koivu: listen, i love this guy. he's great but i used t think he was just an ok player. until last year during the playoffs when boston scored a goal late in the third and were ahead. he took the puck after winning the face off and went straight to the net (with the puck) and fought hard and scored. boston won the game anyway though. and then this year i saw him take out a player. couldn't believe i saw koivu take out a player. he's a good player but no captain. 'demote' him but keep him. i have no idea who they should make captain though. which brings me to kovalev.

kovalev: kovalev is great, but only when he wants to be. this season is the season montreal should have traded him. things like this make kovalev great:

but the rest of this season has been terrible for the guy. he's gone on and hardly skated, even when he had the puck.
trade him and lets move on to someone better.

schneider, d'agostini, stewart, paccioretti: love these guys. schneider was a great addition to the team.

carbonneau should of been fired, but only after some other things were tried first. and with no real big trades at the deadline i believe kovalev or some of the other players might of had something to do with all this.

it's just incredible that they would fire the guy who last year or the year before was nominated for coach of the year and brought his team to the head of the conference. there's more going on here, thats for sure.

Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4968 | 13:12 - 10th, Mar 2009

this is what schu was telling me on msn today when we discussed it. she knows a lot more about the going ons of the habs than i've even seen on the news or sports channels and i tend to believe her a bit more.
SPLINK! → no i think it was ok to fire carbo 12:10 eskander - → in the post! 12:10 eskander - → the whole point of it... sheesh 12:10 SPLINK! → gainey is also the only one capable of actually being able to deal with kovalev 12:11 SPLINK! → in his whole career! 12:11 eskander - → i wonder what they talked about 12:11 SPLINK! → most people thought carbo was gone after that trip out west 12:11 SPLINK! → instead gainey came to see them and had a hand to try and fix things 12:11 SPLINK! → he took care of kovy as one of the things they needed fixed 12:12 SPLINK! → i believe he gave carbo every chance 12:12 SPLINK! → and i liked carbo too 12:12 SPLINK! → but his system was dead 12:12 SPLINK! → last season gainey was very present in the team's runnings 12:12 SPLINK! → he was ther e alot during practice 12:12 SPLINK! → even on the ice 12:13 SPLINK! → now this year he stepped back completely to give him full reins 12:13 SPLINK! → and while it was ok at the beginning of the season, it just didn't end right 12:13 SPLINK! → doesn't matter if you were nominated coach of the year 12:14 SPLINK! → last season teams weren't waiting for the habs 12:14 SPLINK! → this season they were 12:14 SPLINK! → he couldn't crack through that 12:14 SPLINK! → (saw it in the playoffs too) 12:14 SPLINK! → and they already called out the players to get their act together 12:14 SPLINK! → so the bottom line falls with him in the end 12:15 SPLINK! → anyway 12:15 SPLINK! → don lever is coming up to help out too which is nice 12:15 SPLINK! → i follow the bulldogs and he's done crazy things with those guys despite his roster being UNDER the minimum amount of players half the year (call ups, season ending injuries) 12:15 SPLINK! → the bulldogs are still one of the top contending teams too despite all that 12:16 SPLINK! → he has them with the firewagon style the habs were doing last year 12:16 SPLINK! → which disappeared this year... it was all neutral zone trap... 12:17 SPLINK! → plus he grew half the team for the canadiens so they know him and he knows them 12:17 SPLINK! → he's a good x and o coach 12:17 SPLINK! → but i've seen coaches fired after winning the stanley cup, so getting the nomination for coach of the year is nothing 12:18 eskander - → lol 12:18 SPLINK! → the big bad bruins are mirred in a slump right now, and julien is currently lost for reasons.... 12:18 SPLINK! → the sharks have not scored more than two goals in a game for two weeks 12:19 SPLINK! → and haven't won many either 12:19 eskander - → i'm going to post this 12:19 SPLINK! → the red wings were shut out 8-0 to...NASHVILLE 12:19 SPLINK! → lost badly to the coyotes before that 12:19 SPLINK! → i don't remember what the last team was but they were beaten horribly a few days ago 12:20 SPLINK! → their fans are getting restless... 12:20 SPLINK! → lindstrom was like a -3 that night too so it wasn't just their bad defensemen either... 12:20 SPLINK! → people are angry gainey didn't make any trades at the deadline but frankly i'm glad he didn't... 12:22 SPLINK! → calgary gave away a promising young player for...jokinen 12:22 SPLINK! → but the rest out there was crap... 12:22 SPLINK! → like why the hell did the sens send vermette for a broken goalie when they have two perfectly capable goalies? 12:23 SPLINK! → (who's numbers are pretty much the same, and leclaire played on a iron clad defensive team...which the sens aren't) 12:23 SPLINK! → they're playing the oilers tonight 12:25 SPLINK! → dunno if they'll win though, since roloson has the ability to pull a win out of his arse by himself (the oilers are pretty bad...he's the only reason they win games)
so think what you will but she makes some interesting points no?

Schu Schu
News comment 2 | User comment 370 | 13:10 - 11th, Mar 2009

RDS' L'Antichambre makes me want to kill things...

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4968 | 13:48 - 11th, Mar 2009

what they say?
i never watch anitchambre

Cliff Cliff
News comment 4 | User comment 176 | 15:20 - 11th, Mar 2009

So is Carbonneau actually fired now?

Alex Alex
News comment 5 | User comment 4968 | 15:23 - 11th, Mar 2009

yea, they played without him last night.

i really want to know what the antichambre idiots were saying.

Cliff Cliff
News comment 6 | User comment 176 | 18:08 - 11th, Mar 2009

Have they picked a new coach yet?

Alex Alex
News comment 7 | User comment 4968 | 21:26 - 11th, Mar 2009

not yet, but there's talks that the coach of the hamilton bulldogs is going to be the new coach next season.

Schu Schu
News comment 8 | User comment 370 | 12:55 - 12th, Mar 2009

I hope so. He's a good coach and a good guy (and has lots of experience, plus pretty much made half the people on this team what they are). Do not want Hartley. Lemaire? Booooring trap... I can't believe they even suggested Mario Tremblay! WTF~

Alex Alex
News comment 9 | User comment 4968 | 13:00 - 12th, Mar 2009

so what exactly did they talk about on antichambre.
i didn't watch it.

Cliff Cliff
News comment 10 | User comment 176 | 14:59 - 12th, Mar 2009

well, Carbonneau had a lot of experience and from what I heard was also a nice guy, its not the coaches fault if the team is not playing well. I hate it when they put all the blame on one guy instead of the overpayed guys on the ice.

Alex Alex
News comment 11 | User comment 4968 | 15:57 - 12th, Mar 2009

i wonder how much a coach can make

especially her in montreal where hockey > god.

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