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LOL ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!

Cave dwellers

at 23:47 - 7th, February 2009

I must say that I was taught in history that the human species has evolved long past the cave man stage in our development. Apparently, we have not... the caves have merely modernized.

Twenty million Chinese have their residences in caves, but that is often not a bad deal, according to a December McClatchy Newspapers dispatch from Miaogou Village. In addition to the obvious advantages (e.g., no mortgage), some caves have been in the family for generations and have electrical wiring, plumbing and cable television, and some are part of communities of connected caves. Researchers said that earthen insulation keeps the inside temperature from dropping below about 55 degrees Fahrenheit even in the dead of winter. [McClatchy Newspapers, 12-16-08]

Imagine having a modernized cave passed down to you from your parents...

Carl Carl
News comment 1 | User comment 1159 | 9:19 - 9th, Feb 2009

Well with over population we will be forced to expand in new areas. Underground is a good idea but just screams Vault dweller. I believe we have already begun planning stages of early colonization of the ocean. That just screams Bioshock. But that could just be my imagination ;)

Deb Deb
News comment 2 | User comment 352 | 12:44 - 9th, Feb 2009

That could be neat... living under the ocean with a glass ceiling.... Wicked... Siezmic activity could be a problem... as well as rising core temperatures.

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