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Best CLEAN hockey hit anyone has seen in years.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

at 13:36 - 25th, January 2009

Looks interesting.

Alex Alex
News comment 1 | User comment 4954 | 14:07 - 25th, Jan 2009

i thought star ocean was more cartoony than this.
i like the idea, would be nice if it weren't so anime

js js
News comment 2 | User comment 1050 | 19:40 - 25th, Jan 2009

The PS1 version was, i still have it. Their re-making it for the PSP.

Alex Alex
News comment 3 | User comment 4954 | 23:23 - 25th, Jan 2009

i wonder why they end p porting ps2 and 1 games to psp, ease of port maybe?

Carl Carl
News comment 4 | User comment 1159 | 11:18 - 26th, Jan 2009

Yeah it probably is easy to port. Not to mention it's hard to get a hold of the games used. I know for the PS3 I purchased Wild Arms and Suikoden. Both cost a lot on ebay. Now I have it on my HDD, no swapping discs or anything. And can send it to a PSP if I have it to play there.

Alex Alex
News comment 5 | User comment 4954 | 13:00 - 26th, Jan 2009

i wish the ds could do that. get a ii hdd and send shit to the ds. maybe that's the point of the new sd slot in the dsi.

Carl Carl
News comment 6 | User comment 1159 | 13:19 - 26th, Jan 2009

Even then the Wii would need an increase in storage to be the parent host of your files. The Wii was not designed with network capabilities in mind. What they have is very basic. I think only with their next gen will we maybe see a better network archetecture design

Alex Alex
News comment 7 | User comment 4954 | 16:24 - 26th, Jan 2009

i read somewhere about wii² (four game cubes duct taped together?)
all speculation, but true hd support, hdd, no friend codes.

seems very unlikely, well except for HD

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