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Not really. They all want to try something news that doesn't work. They should do like MM9 and go back to basics and go from there. But Mario is the same as Sonic, just a bit more respect though. Nintendo have whored him out to everyth

Nintendo Hard drive announced by 3rd party

at 11:38 - 20th, January 2009

Kombo is reporting that a company called Matrix is releasing a HDD solution for the wii.

Once installed, the WiiZii allows you to do all the things you'd expect from a Wii modification device but brings with it one incredibly special feature - the ability to connect an external HARD DISK DRIVE drive (via SATA) and enjoy super quick loading of ISO and homebrew files on the Wii. But thats not all, this intelligent pice of kit also comes with 2MBit of memory and its firmware can easily be updated in the future. --

from kombo
A group known as Matrix has finally gotten fed up with the Wii storage situation, and taken matters into their own hands in creating the "WiiZii," a "completely solderless plug and play modification which works on ALL Wii versions," at least until Nintendo decides to do something about it.

solderless, awesome.
crack open then wii though, think i'll let my warranty run out before then though.


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