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Trance Fridays #342 - Cristoph ft. ... (0) posted by Alex
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Trance Fridays #341 - Four Tet – Love Salad {C U110 T From Lane8 Set}

Posted at 0:00 - 30th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
This is a bit slower than what I'd typically post but the layers of complexity in this. It starts off simple enough, but then underlying beats, wavy tones, piano/guitar riffs.


Just beat Cat quest

Posted at 11:17 - 25th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
I'm going through my steam library trying to clear it out and have been going through games 1 by 1 when I'm not playing TitanFall 2 (Go pick up titanfall 2 if anything for the single player though the multiplayer is awesome as well).

I picked up Cat Quest a while ago and started playing it yesterday. If you look at the steam page, there are tons of reviews on how great it is. It's aesthetically pleasing for the most part with cute graphics. It's part metroidvania and part souls game.

I had to turn off the music after about an hour though as there seem to only be 3 or 4 songs, each playing on a loop when certain things happen.
It can be a relatively short game too, since I was doing the mini quests and after my 10th or so I realized that the entire game was a fetch quest.

  • Go here

  • get this thing

  • oh shit someone stole it

  • chase them to another location and kill them

  • Or someone is missing

  • go there to find them

  • oh shit it's monsters

  • kill them quick

  • now head back to town

Seriously, even the main missions are like that.

I had to force myself to finish it, and only because the main quest is so short I figured I might as well.

The AI for the monsters varies depending on the mob, but all in all pretty pattern based and pretty simple to figure out.

I've uninstalled it, not planning on playing it again, but I could suggest it if you have an afternoon to burn and it's on super sale for a couple bucks.

Alex - I don't think so. Nintendo isn't as protective of their third party stuff anymore. And to ...

Trance Fridays #340 - Travertia - Vei

Posted at 15:05 - 23rd, October 2020 by Alex Alex

Trance Fridays #339 - Attlas Faya

Posted at 10:14 - 20th, October 2020 by Alex Alex

Star Renegade trailer

Posted at 10:12 - 20th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Just so many good pixel games to play. Christophe has been playing this and been raving about it. Definitely added to my wish list.

Roguelike RPG with pixel graphics.

Children of Morta Story Trailer

Posted at 10:03 - 20th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: games, children of morta, secret of mana, pixel graphics, roguelike
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Alex - (media inside)

Frist presidential debate - Trump / Biden

Posted at 13:30 - 1st, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: Presidential election, USA, USA, USA, trump, biden, pence, harris, debate
andrew - Did you watch the VP debate? The fly stuck to Pence's head was pretty much the star.

Guy lives in abandoned school in Japan

Posted at 10:55 - 19th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: japan, abanadoned, schools, cafe, mountains, off the grid
Alex - I'm surprised there were any emulation devices there. I'd thought Nintendo and Sony would ...

Dune - Trailer

Posted at 15:28 - 9th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: movie trailer, dune, frank herbert, denis villeneuve, dave bautista
Alex - (media inside)

Adam mini series

Posted at 19:23 - 26th, August 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: Adam, unity, scifi, robots, cyborgs, freedom