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actually i need to go to the cibc in pointe claire to get my 80 bucks...

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Trance Fridays #350 - Sultan and Shepherd - Never (ft Nathan Nicholson)

Posted at 0:00 - 1st, January 2021 by Alex Alex
Happy New Year everyone!

A bit of happy vocals to bring in the new year.

Trance Fridays #349 - Andre Bayer - Memories

Posted at 0:00 - 25th, December 2020 by Alex Alex
Let's go back in time a bit.

Andrew Bayer's Memories is a great song from 2015 though feels like it's from much earlier. Great little tune.


Trance Fridays #348 - Sunny Lax - The fountain (Extended mix)

Posted at 17:40 - 23rd, December 2020 by Alex Alex

Sorry, was away from a computer last week and couldn't post anything.

Super Nintendo World

Posted at 1:38 - 20th, December 2020 by andrew andrew

I would spend unreasonable amounts of money to visit here :D

1 Comment
Alex - Looks really well done. I'd go check it out, but can you imagine how immensely popular thi...

Trance Fridays #347 - Andrew Bayer [@Andrew Bayer] & Genix - The Test (Official Visualiser)

Posted at 0:34 - 15th, December 2020 by Alex Alex
Oh damn do I love Andrew Bayer.

It's almost as if there's this current trend of bringing back old sounds from the mid 2000's. It's great.

Confused about Apple

Posted at 14:50 - 18th, November 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: Apple, M1, ppc, windows, mac os, mac mini,, macbook air, macbook pro 13
Alex - I read online something interesting a while back. Someone was complaining that Apple was c...

African Kung Fu Nazis

Posted at 8:16 - 7th, November 2020 by andrew andrew
Tags: nazis, african, kungfu
Alex - I will chop chop your hands! HAHAHAHAHA

Just beat Cat quest

Posted at 11:17 - 25th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: cat quest, steam, nintendo switch, reviews, games
Alex - I don't think so. Nintendo isn't as protective of their third party stuff anymore. And to ...

Children of Morta Story Trailer

Posted at 10:03 - 20th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: games, children of morta, secret of mana, pixel graphics, roguelike
1 Comment
Alex - (media inside)

Deadly Days a rogue like zombie survival pixel game

Posted at 16:54 - 12th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: pixel games, rogue like, zombies, survival, post apocalyptic
Alex - It's interesting, not quite what I imagined, but I'm not really a fan of the rogue light g...


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