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Would have been funny if Boyd turned and said \"IT\'S DUSTIN!\" but I don\'t think he even noticed.

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The bustling world Gampleay trailer

Posted at 2:23 - 16th, July 2024 by Alex Alex
The youtube algorithm at work, Now my feed is full of cool game trailers.

Love the aesthetics of this one.

This seems to be a mix of Police stories and the sims set in ancient china.

The first explorers gameplay trailer

Posted at 2:14 - 16th, July 2024 by Alex Alex

This reminds me a lot of Banished. I was looking forward to Banished tremendously but was a bit disappointed in the final product. It was just a bit too basic for me, not enough to do. Still impressive considering it was designed, coded and finished by a single person.

This seems to be a bit more advanced, and even has elements of combat.
I'll keep it on my radar.

Trance Fridays #395 - Re:Deep - Fragile (Ryan Davis Reconstruction)

Posted at 19:26 - 11th, June 2024 by Alex Alex

The wonders of AI, a Google and Reddit Story

Posted at 15:31 - 4th, June 2024 by Alex Alex
Google recently paid Reddit 60mil to have their AI (LLM) go through the entire Reddit site so that it could learn and become more useful.
Open AI did this with X after Elon bought Twitter and he sued them for going through without permission.

On a slight tangent, this is the probably the first and only way that Reddit will make money since going public.

Anyway, knowing Reddit, you can imagine how smart this "AI" is now. A perfect example is someone asked google how to get the cheese to stick to pizza. It answered with, use glue.

Why did it give that answer? Because some dude 10 years ago joked about that's how he got his cheeze to stick to his cold pizza.

Fucking brilliant

Alex - God, if they're using the autogenerated close captions from youtube for the videos, we're ...

Windows Recall

Posted at 4:08 - 30th, May 2024 by Alex Alex
Have you guys heard about this new feature Microsoft will be putting into future windows os?

Windows Recall takes screenshots of your screen every 30 seconds and stores them locally. They're searchable through some kind of "AI" function with copilot.

Recall allows you to search across time to find the content you need. Just describe how you remember it, and Recall retrieves the moment you saw it. Recall takes snapshots of your screen and stores them in a timeline. Snapshots are taken every five seconds while content on the screen is different from the previous snapshot. Snapshots are locally stored and locally analyzed on your PC. Recall's analysis allows you to search for content, including both images and text, using natural language.

When Recall opens the snapshot a user selected, it enables screenray, which runs on top of the saved snapshot. Screenray analyzes what's in the snapshot and allows users to interact with individual elements in the snapshot. For instance, users can copy text from the snapshot or send pictures from the snapshot to an app that supports jpeg files.

This sounds like a horrible idea. You can turn it off apparently, but with Microsoft's current track record on updates turning on things that were turned off, or people not even knowing this is turned on to begin with, or even worse not knowing this is even a thing.

This has huge privacy issues, imagine borrowing a friend's laptop to do some banking, or log into your work network. Just horrible.

Alex - Speaking of training ai, did you hear what google did with reddit? Might be worth a post o...

Apple, the world's best unnovator

Posted at 14:08 - 29th, May 2024 by Alex Alex
Tags: apple, unnovation, e-waste, bad companies, environment, shady practices, ssd, hdd, ram, macbooks
Alex - Got all of this from

Star Wars - The Acolyte

Posted at 12:22 - 21st, March 2024 by andrew andrew
Tags: star wars, matrix
Alex - (media inside)

Alien: Romulus Movie trailer

Posted at 0:00 - 21st, March 2024 by Alex Alex
Tags: Alien, movie, trailer, alien romulus, alien isolation, alien theory, lore
Alex - There was talk of them rebooting things, not sure if this would be that or if something el...

Things to do on the WiiU in 2024

Posted at 0:23 - 20th, February 2024 by Alex Alex
Tags: Modern Vintage Gamer, Nintendo, emulation, wiiu, switch, homebrew, softmodding
js - I think that was part of the problem. Nintendo really didn't do a great job marketing the...

Found in St. Kitts

Posted at 19:59 - 19th, February 2024 by Alex Alex
Tags: google maps, st kitts, roof messages, hidden messages
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Alex - For some reason the embedded map doesn't want to work. Here's a link:

dumb anime Ya Boy Kongming!

Posted at 1:59 - 18th, February 2024 by andrew andrew
Tags: anime, weeb, japan
1 Comment
Alex - So 80's

Scavengers Reign

Posted at 1:53 - 11th, February 2024 by Alex Alex
Tags: cinemax, anime, episodic, great visuals, space, mushrooms, acid, trips
Alex - Just finished it. What a show. They should really expand the universe, so m...

The boy and the Heron

Posted at 22:39 - 11th, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Hayao Miyazaki, ghibli, the boy and the heron, anime
andrew - i definitely recommend going here someday: