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Can't install Pandora - Music & Podcasts

at 13:12 - 17th, November 2022
I mentioned in my last post that I was having trouble with getting Pandora to install on my old LG G6.

Android app install fail

I ran through all the instructions provided in the link and even checked the pandora's website - which was pretty useless to be honest.
Basically, Google suggests clearing cache, making space, restarting phone as easy fixes and more intense fixes would be refresh os, update, or reset it. I wasn't willing to reset the phone, and the phone is maxed out on android 8, Pandora requires Android 7.

Pandora needs suitable phones, so Android 7, 55mbs of space and an internet connection. No real permissions to speak of really.

I was good with os requirements, I had at least 1 gig and was emptying it of my old whatsapp media but had much more than the 55 playstore was saying. Tried clearing playstore cache, tried restarting phone multiple times, even tried using a vpn to the us and another store - aptoid and was consistently failing with same screen.

I believe the issue was that despite the 55mbs requirement apps need much, much more space because 1 gig was no where near enough. I cleaned up to 2 gigs of stuff and then it installed no problem.

It could be coincidence though because I can't find any documentation about it online and pandora support didn't know where to begin.


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