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But, not all my old friends and co-workers have or use the same chat programs I do (or any), so I still find it handy. If people want to do social engineering to get information on me, there are other ways to get it than Facebook, and Facebook is jus

wasabi has joined the site

Posted at 10:19 - 2nd, April 2021 by System System
Everyone say hi to wasabi.

Trance Fridays #359 - Sultan + Shepard - All That Remains feat. Fractures

Posted at 14:19 - 19th, March 2021 by Alex Alex

With the site troubles we've been having I haven't been able to post anything in a while. We're no where out of the woods yet and honestly I think it's just time to rebrand the site entirely and re-write the code from the base up. Just a question of having the time and updating myself on new methods, programming practices and deciding on a direction and design I want to take the site in.

Lane 8 just dropped his Spring 2021 mix and this caught my attention. It's pretty much everything I like in music right now: hypnotic background, persistent beats, great haunting vocals. Just really wonderful music.

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Alex - I think this is going to be on loop for quite some time with me.

Site issues

Posted at 17:14 - 12th, March 2021 by Alex Alex
The site is experiencing some issues that I can't quite figure out. The main issue is that the cookies used for logging in and chatting, posting news and comments and what not does not seem to work. No idea why.

At first I thought it was because google and firefox upped their security of cookies and it broke something, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've updated my cookie creation method to be more inline with current standards and doesn't seem to make a difference.

Added to this, the new hosting service is having a hell of a time with my isp, or vice versa. I can barely connect via ftp on my home internet, and when I am to connect the changes don't seem to be taking sticking, even if i do it with the built in editing tools.

I'm wondering if the servers use some kind of aws and it's caching information and just won't let it go. It's all very frustrating because I've spoken with support of the new host and they can't figure it out either.

Alex - For the life of me, I cannot get htaccess to flush the php cache like it's supposed to. I ...

Trance Fridays #358 - Partitioning II - Luigi Sambuy; Arswain

Posted at 13:33 - 26th, February 2021 by Alex Alex
Super chill vocal tune. Heard it on a compilation set from James Grant and Jody Wisternoff.

Trance Fridays #357 - JRJ - Me and you Feat Matt

Posted at 18:46 - 20th, February 2021 by Alex Alex

Trance Fridays #351 - Nalin & Kane - Open your eyes (Original Mix)

Posted at 18:49 - 8th, January 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: Trance Fridays, Nalin & Kane, Open your eyes, Original Mix
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Alex - So basic, so classic. Even comes with basic and cheesy lyrics/vocals.

Super Nintendo World

Posted at 1:38 - 20th, December 2020 by andrew andrew
Tags: super mario, snes, super famicom, smb, japan, osaka, kansai
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Alex - Looks really well done. I'd go check it out, but can you imagine how immensely popular thi...

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