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I went to KFC for lunch once and they were out of chicken, too. They didn't have a special!

Trance Fridays #358 - Partitioning II - Luigi Sambuy; Arswain

Posted at 13:33 - 26th, February 2021 by Alex Alex
Super chill vocal tune. Heard it on a compilation set from James Grant and Jody Wisternoff.

Trance Fridays #357 - JRJ - Me and you Feat Matt

Posted at 18:46 - 20th, February 2021 by Alex Alex

Mortal Kombat 2021 Trailer

Posted at 3:40 - 19th, February 2021 by Alex Alex
I'm expecting this to be a crappy game to film adaptation, but at least it looks like they're taking it more seriously than the last time.

Trance Fridays #356 - Sultan and Shephard - Assassin

Posted at 20:25 - 12th, February 2021 by Alex Alex

Metro Last Light Redux available for free on epic

Posted at 19:26 - 7th, February 2021 by Alex Alex
I don't know how many people have the epic launcher - I installed it to get Starwars battlefront but I have a lot of games from the store in there. If you didn't know, Epic gives away free games every week, I think they can do that thanks to all that sweet sweet Fortnite dollary doos.

At any rater, these games aren't always indie games. Sometimes it's the big triple A titles like Starwars Battlefront as I mentioned before. This week, we've got Metro Last Light Redux.

Seriously, all it takes is an epic account which is free to create and then the game is yours forever. Go, do it. Get that account made.

Speaking of Battlefront, it was a 90gig download which was took less time to play, decide it was a terrible game and uninstall it compared to how long it took to download. Seriously, a piece of garbage.

Trance Fridays #351 - Nalin & Kane - Open your eyes (Original Mix)

Posted at 18:49 - 8th, January 2021 by Alex Alex
Tags: Trance Fridays, Nalin & Kane, Open your eyes, Original Mix
1 Comment
Alex - So basic, so classic. Even comes with basic and cheesy lyrics/vocals.

Super Nintendo World

Posted at 1:38 - 20th, December 2020 by andrew andrew
Tags: super mario, snes, super famicom, smb, japan, osaka, kansai
1 Comment
Alex - Looks really well done. I'd go check it out, but can you imagine how immensely popular thi...

Confused about Apple

Posted at 14:50 - 18th, November 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: Apple, M1, ppc, windows, mac os, mac mini,, macbook air, macbook pro 13
Alex - I read online something interesting a while back. Someone was complaining that Apple was c...

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