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Well done guys. Doesn't VMware have an option to boot into bios menu though?

Trance Fridays #330 - Run - Lane 8 & Kasablanca

Posted at 0:00 - 14th, August 2020 by Alex Alex
When I first heard Lane 8 I knew his music was special. It just hit me the right way for some reason. I sent a message to Pat telling him that he needs to stop whatever he was doing and listen to some of the tracks. He liked it, though his style of music is a bit different but totally understood why I would like Lane 8. He said it reminds him of the music we used to listen to when we first started going to parties. Pat was right.

Trance Fridays #329 - Into the Night (extended mix) - Eli & Fur

Posted at 0:00 - 7th, August 2020 by Alex Alex

Trance Fridays #328 - Panama - It's not over (Dave DK Vocal Remix)

Posted at 14:48 - 30th, July 2020 by Alex Alex
Something a little chill today for Friday's tune.

Scuba at The Rock outside St. Kitts

Posted at 20:57 - 20th, July 2020 by Alex Alex
Jay, Christophe and I went scuba diving just off St. Kitts for Jay and my birthday this past Sunday. Was a great time.

The guide, Vajai took his gopro and made this video for us.

Trance Fridays #327 - Le Youth - Waves

Posted at 20:53 - 20th, July 2020 by Alex Alex
I caught this on Lane 8's summer mixtape. I was listening to it on loop for my entire walk today. It is such a happy song I find.

Daniel has joined the site

Posted at 9:45 - 19th, June 2020 by System System
Tags: Daniel, site updates, join
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Alex - Haven't heard back from you Daniel, but WELCOME!

The VelociPastor

Posted at 13:38 - 28th, May 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: b movies, c movies, velociraptors, pastors, dinosaurs, I kick ass for the lord, ninjas, prostitutes
Alex - I wish I had someone to watch these with.

Half Life Alyx

Posted at 5:40 - 22nd, November 2019 by Alex Alex
Tags: half life, gabe newell, not half life 3, vr, fps, games, oculus, vive, windows mr, valve index
Alex - Last time I was in Florida I tried the oculus. Was pretty bland for the most part. A lot o...

Andy, find us some Ramen Shops

Posted at 18:57 - 9th, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Tags: ramen, tradition, japan, andy
andrew - also, totally dragging you here :D

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