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its for sale

Half Life Alyx

Posted at 5:40 - 22nd, November 2019 by Alex Alex

I'm totally willing to try this if it's not one of those stationary or jump from this location to that location shooters like most other VR games.

Also surprising how many VR systems it supports.

Alex - Last time I was in Florida I tried the oculus. Was pretty bland for the most part. A lot o...

Andy, find us some Ramen Shops

Posted at 18:57 - 9th, October 2019 by Alex Alex
This is what I want to do when I come to Japan!

Andy, get ready!

andrew - also, totally dragging you here :D

New Jurassic World trailer of sorts

Posted at 9:48 - 6th, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Was anyone aware of this?

I'll be honest, this looks pretty good and is an interesting take on the story line.

Trance Fridays #324 - Lane 8 Brightest Light Feat Polica

Posted at 21:33 - 3rd, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Not really trance but Lane 8's music brings back some very good memories of what this kind of music used to do to me. I adore Lane 8. I could get lost in posting his work as Trance Fridays, and he has such a catalogue...

I'd love to see him live. Every time I leave the rock I check to see if he's where I'm going to be when I get there. What's worse is that he was actually in Montreal the last time I was there too, just a couple days after I left unfortunately.

It's a quiet, progressive almost house-ey kind of tune but it's what I'm fixated on right now. The vocals are soft, hypnotic and almost sad but the beat is cheerful and plays a stark contrast when you think about it.

There will definitely be more Lane 8 coming, and even another one feat Polica.

Posting news works again

Posted at 20:55 - 2nd, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Posting news works again. There have been some changes though.

  • No more private posts

  • No more blog posts or gaming posts for now

More to come later when things settle and I have time to actually think about this kind of stuff. But in the meantime you can start posting stuff again.

Test sticky

Posted at 0:00 - 7th, March 2017 by Alex Alex
Tags: Stickies, site update, test

Site Update: Work recommences!

Posted at 22:57 - 2nd, March 2017 by Alex Alex
Tags: site updates, programming, tutorials, statistics, traffic, embarrassing state of the site
Alex - Oh my god, finally found and fixed a graphic glitch that was plaguing the comments section...

Trance Fridays #323 - ATTLAS - Aspen

Posted at 0:00 - 6th, May 2016 by Alex Alex
Tags: trance fridays, progressive house, progressive trance, basil o'glue, ATTLAS, Aspen
Alex - Dude, I haven't listened to new music in years aside from this guy named Lane 8. I'm just ...

Extra Credit: Propaganda Game

Posted at 23:25 - 22nd, December 2015 by js js
Tags: Extra Credit, Sesame Credit, China
js - Yeah, that's why it can be pretty insidious. It's not seen as a negative, because it's us...

Ohio Replaces lethal injections with a new machine

Posted at 8:52 - 14th, December 2015 by js js
js - (media inside)

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