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seems a little slow to me, it\'s better than the wiimote was when it first came out, but still seems to lag a bit

Trance Fridays #345 - Jody Wisternoff - Morning U (Jon Gurd Remix)

Posted at 14:55 - 27th, November 2020 by Alex Alex
Something a little deep and quiet. Love the piano in this and how it just builds and becomes more and more dramatic with the violin.

I could see this being great during a quiet rainy night while coding or working on something. Makes me think of the old days in Ste. Anne's with me on my old bubble iMac coding away in my room listening to music in a mostly dark room with some ambient coloured lights in the background and my old lava lamp going.

I should really get another one of those...

Trance Fridays #344 - Oliver Smith - Your love

Posted at 7:39 - 20th, November 2020 by Alex Alex
I just seem to be on an old school kick. Loving these older tunes.

Confused about Apple

Posted at 14:50 - 18th, November 2020 by Alex Alex
Last week I read an article on regarding what I would consider a major fault with the mac os and Apple's take on who actually has control over your OS and computer.

Yesterday, every Mac user got a taste of what happens when you don’t actually own the computers you pay a lot of money for. Because Apple wants to control everything you do with the computer you rent from them, and because Apple wants to know everything you do while using the computer you rent from them, a random server somewhere going down meant Mac users couldn’t open their applications anymore.

This pretty much cemented my opinion of Apple and their crazy control over everything. I was completely against buying another mac. Keep in mind that I personally didn't feel this... outage(?)... and I was working on my imac most of the day. I have a pc at home now and the way Windows is now compared to how it was in the 90's, I'm very comfortable using windows on a daily basis. Almost more so than Mac, to the point that I think my next upgrade for the house will be a pc, not a mac. The usual suspects come into play here - gaming being the primary one. But one of the nice things about having an intel mac was always the ability to run windows, either virtualized or bootable.

Now comes the new PPC6 macs as I call them (they are arm based so why not?). At first I was thinking that this ppc6 thing would stop me from wanting a mac strictly because of no windows compatibility but the raw power of the base machines cannot be disregarded. The macbook air, macbook pro 13 and mac mini are all killing it for entry level machines, and sure they can all run ios apps natively now, but most of the real gaming is still on x86.

I'm very curious to see what they do with the pro models of their computers and how they play ball with everything. So I'm either going to go hackintosh or just flat out pc for my upgrade. We'll see.

Whatever the case, the next little while will be interesting to watch for Apple.

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andrew - It's all the same shit these days with everything headed towards the cloud and less contro...

Trance Fridays #343 - above and beyond feat zoe johnston - you got to go (Kyau and albert remix)

Posted at 18:27 - 13th, November 2020 by Alex Alex

African Kung Fu Nazis

Posted at 8:16 - 7th, November 2020 by andrew andrew

Alex - I will chop chop your hands! HAHAHAHAHA

Just beat Cat quest

Posted at 11:17 - 25th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: cat quest, steam, nintendo switch, reviews, games
Alex - I don't think so. Nintendo isn't as protective of their third party stuff anymore. And to ...

Children of Morta Story Trailer

Posted at 10:03 - 20th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: games, children of morta, secret of mana, pixel graphics, roguelike
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Alex - (media inside)

Deadly Days a rogue like zombie survival pixel game

Posted at 16:54 - 12th, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: pixel games, rogue like, zombies, survival, post apocalyptic
Alex - It's interesting, not quite what I imagined, but I'm not really a fan of the rogue light g...

Frist presidential debate - Trump / Biden

Posted at 13:30 - 1st, October 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: Presidential election, USA, USA, USA, trump, biden, pence, harris, debate
Alex - Just seeing this now. Apparently this has happened a lot in these kind of things. O...

Guy lives in abandoned school in Japan

Posted at 10:55 - 19th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: japan, abanadoned, schools, cafe, mountains, off the grid
Alex - I'm surprised there were any emulation devices there. I'd thought Nintendo and Sony would ...

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