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i thought blizzard's diablo 2 cinematics were incredible, and even back then the voice acting was top notch. it will be interesting to see what they come up with for starcraft 2. i wonder if it's even in house cinematics

Guy lives in abandoned school in Japan

Posted at 10:55 - 19th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
Such a cool story. I stumbled across what seemed like an abandoned school up in the mountains here as well. had 3 playgrounds around it, including what looked like some kind of race track or obstacle course. Very very cool.

Anyway, This caught my eye because when I go to Japan, I want to go to the small villages away from the main cities to experience the true culture of Japan, Not the televised stuff that's all over the media.

This dude even turned one of the class rooms on the ground floor into a cafe which apparently gets a lot of customers during the summer months. Made me think, what is the area like during winter?

I love little documentaries like this.

andrew - I saw a few emulation devices there, but don't recall anything outright counterfeit. China...

Trance Fridays #335 - Praana - Heaven

Posted at 10:51 - 19th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
A day late cause I couldn't really get on the computer yesterday since I had seen my aunt for a pain in my elboy.

Trance Fridays #334 - Luttrell - Intergalactic Plastic

Posted at 12:14 - 11th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
Happy Friday everyone.

Here's to a chill weekend!

Dune - Trailer

Posted at 15:28 - 9th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
Oh baby.

Definitely going to need to have a refresher on this series before seeing this. Holy hell does it look good though.

Alex - (media inside)

Eiyuden Chronicle - Hundred Heroes: Spiritual successor to Suikoden

Posted at 20:50 - 6th, September 2020 by Alex Alex
Was anyone a fan of the old Suikoden games? I'm pretty sure Johnny was. This is made by the original developers from konami, who is not making anything but "survive" games now but I digress.

The battle system, in particular the camera in the battle system looks very interesting.

Still a kick starter but check it out.

Adam mini series

Posted at 19:23 - 26th, August 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: Adam, unity, scifi, robots, cyborgs, freedom

Windbound Game trailer

Posted at 14:07 - 21st, August 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: Windbound, Nintendo, Switch, Zelda, Breath of the Wild, Action, Adventure, puzzles, combat
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Alex - Oh, and I do like the boat aspect. Will probably have either a crafting system of some kin...

Daniel has joined the site

Posted at 9:45 - 19th, June 2020 by System System
Tags: Daniel, site updates, join
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Alex - Haven't heard back from you Daniel, but WELCOME!

The VelociPastor

Posted at 13:38 - 28th, May 2020 by Alex Alex
Tags: b movies, c movies, velociraptors, pastors, dinosaurs, I kick ass for the lord, ninjas, prostitutes
Alex - I wish I had someone to watch these with.

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