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haha, christophe is a doutchebag

Trance Fridays #325 - Wake me up - Cubicolor Tale of Us Remix

Posted at 10:51 - 3rd, July 2020 by Alex Alex
It's been a while. Ive' been listening to such good music lately but with everything that's going on it's difficult to spend any time on personal stuff. My days are pretty much wake up at 6, gym by 7, work by 9, work work work, home by 5, cardio for an hour or more, dinner and bed by 9. It's jam packed but can be a bit much at times.

The price we pay I guess.

My taste in music changed in recent years, becoming a bit more chill I believe but the artists I listen to now lean or learn from music I listened to when I started partying in Montreal. It's nice to feel that somewhat familiar warmth from good music again.

Daniel has joined the site

Posted at 9:45 - 19th, June 2020 by System System
Everyone say hi to Daniel.

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Alex - Haven't heard back from you Daniel, but WELCOME!

The VelociPastor

Posted at 13:38 - 28th, May 2020 by Alex Alex
I'm just going to leave these here.

The VelociPastor

Yes, this is a real thing. I have to get my hands on it. Seems exactly like something Carl would of found for us back in the day.

Alex - I wish I had someone to watch these with.

What are you guys doing during lock-down?

Posted at 7:05 - 12th, April 2020 by Alex Alex
Lock-down hit St. Kitts about a week and a half ago. Just curious as to what you guys have been doing.

Everyday I have a workout routine I've made for myself that I keep track of with the jefit app on my phone. It's a 5 day split where everyday I work on a different part of the body.

I've been playing minecraft with my brothers off and on. They've added so much to the game since notch left. quite something. Aside from that, I've been playing some Wii U - Hyrule Warriors, Ducktales, Xenoblade Chronicles X. I think I'm going to hack my wii u too. It's way past end of life and apparently the softmod is easy to do.

I've been watching the punisher series on netflix, I still have to finish the expanse and I've been watching way too much youtube.

I've been trying to clear out a backlog of movies, usually sci-fi and action movies since I haven't been able to watch them for the last little while. So far I've watched Upgrade and underwater. Upgrade is a fun movie with a surprising ending, underwater has to do with Cthulhu. Both decent and if you're looking for a fun movie to watch, I suggest either.

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Alex - Plus I work on the computer every day.

Experience the underwater world through the eyes of a free diver - Naional Geographic

Posted at 11:34 - 26th, December 2019 by Alex Alex
I had seen this a while ago and thought it was amazing. I've always been interested in free diving and this just adds to it. Spectacularly filmed with a great score. A little slow at the beginning but well worth it.

Half Life Alyx

Posted at 5:40 - 22nd, November 2019 by Alex Alex
Tags: half life, gabe newell, not half life 3, vr, fps, games, oculus, vive, windows mr, valve index
Alex - Last time I was in Florida I tried the oculus. Was pretty bland for the most part. A lot o...

Andy, find us some Ramen Shops

Posted at 18:57 - 9th, October 2019 by Alex Alex
Tags: ramen, tradition, japan, andy
andrew - also, totally dragging you here :D

Test sticky

Posted at 0:00 - 7th, March 2017 by Alex Alex
Tags: Stickies, site update, test

Site Update: Work recommences!

Posted at 22:57 - 2nd, March 2017 by Alex Alex
Tags: site updates, programming, tutorials, statistics, traffic, embarrassing state of the site
Alex - Oh my god, finally found and fixed a graphic glitch that was plaguing the comments section...

Trance Fridays #323 - ATTLAS - Aspen

Posted at 0:00 - 6th, May 2016 by Alex Alex
Tags: trance fridays, progressive house, progressive trance, basil o'glue, ATTLAS, Aspen
Alex - Dude, I haven't listened to new music in years aside from this guy named Lane 8. I'm just ...

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