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i\'d like to

Things to do on the WiiU in 2024

Posted at 0:23 - 20th, February 2024 by Alex Alex
Love Modern Vintage Gamer, has to be one of the most interesting and well put together video game channels that is entirely unique content. Not sure if I've mentioned him before but his channel is about retro games, modding consoles, the emulator scene and loads of other things, but from a very technical stand point.

He's pretty much single handedly bringing attention to bring life back to dead consoles scene and it's really well done.

This particular video is for me really since I'm one of the few people I know with a WiiU, but he has plenty of other content that might interest people.

The Wii U was a system that Nintendo would rather forget. But for modders, it's nearly the perfect console which can play the (almost) entire back catalog of Nintendo games that game before it - and many other emulators and homebrew. While modding the Wii U isn't anything new - in today's video we take a look at the most up to date homebrew environment known as Aroma that not only makes the Wii U easier to hack, but it also makes it the experience so much better. Let's check it out.

? Up to date Wii U hacking guide :
? Aroma Download -

Will definitely need to try and do this with mine. I loved the WiiU, thought it was entirely underrated. I'm on to the Switch now but would love to bring some life back into it.

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andrew - i was today years old when i learned that the wii u was a different console than the wii

Found in St. Kitts

Posted at 19:59 - 19th, February 2024 by Alex Alex
Was snooping around my area in St. Kitts with Christophe on Google maps and stumbled across this:

Make sure to view it in Satellite view. Took me a while to read it but made us laugh when I did.

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Alex - For some reason the embedded map doesn't want to work. Here's a link:

dumb anime Ya Boy Kongming!

Posted at 1:59 - 18th, February 2024 by andrew andrew
Tags: anime, weeb, japan

i had the tv on the other night and this absurdity of an anime came on. besides the annoy OP song, it's the story of an ancient chinese emperor who time travels to modern day tokyo to party.. you can't make this stuff up

Scavengers Reign

Posted at 1:53 - 11th, February 2024 by Alex Alex
This one came out of nowhere but looks stunning.
Simple yet captivating art style, seems like a mix of a mushroom trip and space adventure. I was able to find all episodes quite easily online. Will definitely give it a watch.

Alex - Just finished it. What a show. They should really expand the universe, so m...

A quiet place: Day 1 Trailered

Posted at 1:00 - 8th, February 2024 by Alex Alex
I love A Quiet Place. It's one of the best post apocalyptic monster movies that have been made in a while. Second one was also good but didn't know they were making this. Looks like the franchise is making the leap from suspense monster horror movie to action horror. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

The boy and the Heron

Posted at 22:39 - 11th, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Hayao Miyazaki, ghibli, the boy and the heron, anime
andrew - i definitely recommend going here someday:

FPGA Nintendo 64 gaming

Posted at 14:37 - 11th, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: nintendo 64, FPGA, emulation, MISTer, Analogue 3D, Nintendo
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andrew - very cool, there's an equivalent FPGA-based NES and SNES cart already - only a matter of t...

What games do you have for your nintendo Switch?

Posted at 16:50 - 6th, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Nintendo switch, mario, ogre battles, metroid, mario, secret of mana, deadcells, pikmin, games
Alex - Went on a bit of a buying spree. got the following: Rabbids?...

Perfect Dark PC "Port"

Posted at 19:48 - 3rd, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Rareware, nintendo 64, n64, nintendo, perfect dark
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andrew - there was a PC goldeneye port a few years back that was pretty good, I'm curious about thi...

Mixing Zelda Ocarina of time with Studio Ghibli

Posted at 13:43 - 2nd, November 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: nintendo, cease and desist, zelda, fan movies, unreal engine, unreal engine 5, studio ghibli
js - That looks pretty good. Hopefully it doesn't get a cease and desist letter from Nintendo ...

uBlock Origin and youtube, the never ending battle

Posted at 18:16 - 31st, October 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: youtube, google, ublock origin, advertising
js - I ended up paying for premium. I canceled Netflix because they kept raising the price and...

Cities Skylines 2 performance issues caused by teeth

Posted at 13:32 - 31st, October 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: cities skylines 2, LOD, level of detail, citizens, teeth
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js - I saw those stories as well. Some people were blaming the developers outsourcing the model...

The blackening

Posted at 20:42 - 15th, September 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: the blackening, movies, trailers, racism

StarWars Dark Forces Remastered

Posted at 18:21 - 25th, August 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: Video games, remaster, star wars, dark forces, night dive studios
Alex - I'd play D2 again if I had time and people to play with.

Zack Snyder's take on Dune?

Posted at 19:38 - 23rd, August 2023 by Alex Alex
Tags: zack snyder, dune, rebel moon, cg, scifi, space opera
Alex - The train station looks a bit off to me. something about how the camera is moving or the a...